Dicks Of Hazzard [ Anal, Twinks, Oral ]

Dicks Of Hazzard [ Anal, Twinks, Oral ]

Studio: Eon Films
Genre: Anal, Twinks, Oral
Country: USA
Director: Rocky Brown
Cast: Adam Faust, Jayden Holloway, Kyle Aames, Caleb Carter, Alex Cross, Marc Sterling, Brent Summers, Tyler Mason, Bryant Moore, Reba Rose Rav

Horny Dick boys, blond Bo (Brent) and dark haired Luke (Brant) from the boxcover are up to no good. Bo is caught stroking his cock by Sheriff Roscoe (Sterling) and the law wastes no time taking advantage of the youthful offender. The boys suck cock, then Brent’s rimmed ass gets fucked.
Brant and Jayden have a fling in the barn and Jayden takes a pounding after Brant’s tongue has worked over his smooth asshole. On the Dick farm, Uncle Jazzy (Faust) and twinky Boss Cock (Caleb) have bad feelings towards each other, but it produces some good grudge sex. Faust gets on his knees to blow and rim Caleb, then fucks his spit soaked hole hard from behind.
Cousin Daisy in this version looks nothing like Jessica Simpson. In Daisy’s bar, Alex, Mario, and Kyle K. threeway on the pool table. After blowjobs are shared all around, Mario is left to keeping busy kissing the two while Kyle fucks Alex with a nice handjob ending from Alex getting a gusher out of Kyle’s rod.
Boss Cock had Uncle Jizzy thrown in jail and it’s Deputy Penis’ (Tyler) duty to watch him. Faust drills Tyler’s ass, driving it in good with Tyler cumming while getting fucked. Later in the jail, Caleb and Marc trade bj’s, then a rock hard Caleb gets fucked in a standing doggy leaving his abs covered in buckets of cum thanks to another great spunk blaster from Marc.
The final scene is a 7-man orgy on Jizzy’s farm. Kyle A. fucks Kyle K., Faust fucks Alex, and Mario gets spitroast fucked by Brant while Brent takes care of his mouth.
Although there are some hot matchups, especially in the scenes with Brant and Faust, the parody here is more consistent than the sex. But nice price.

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