Mountain Patrol [ anal, gay ]

Mountain Patrol [ anal, gay ]
Mountain Patrol SD 1 ptMountain Patrol SD 2 pt

Studio: Centaur Films
Genre: anal, gay
Director: Chip Daniels
Cast: Logan Reed, John Ross, Rod Barry, Bo Summers, Brett Winters, Kristian Brooks, Brian Daniels, Mike Nichols, Michael Crawford, Scott Lyons

From the press notes, courtesy of Centaur Films
“The studly cops of the Mountain Patrol take to the ski slopes and prove they can “serve and protect” in any temperature.

After John Ross wipes out on an abandoned ski slope and twists his ankle, Deputy Sheriff Logan Reed comes to his rescue and winds up taking care of much more than John’s swollen ankle. Meanwhile, Brian Daniels celebrates his 21st birthday by having a few too many. Deputy Bo Summers – the demanding lawman that he is – makes the stud pup surrender his license and his tight little bottom.

When a burglar, Michael Crawford, picks the wrong house to break into, he must answer to Deputy Rod Barry in a hot tub, where Barry fills him with his pistol and a whole lot of justice. When hikers Scott Lyons and Kristian Brooks get lost in the woods, they seek shelter in an abandoned cabin.

They’re eventually rescued by Deputies Brett Winters and Mike Nichols. After being taught a lesson on hiking and how to use a compass, these two learn how not to get lost again (unless they want to!) in a four way scene that has their every orifice being plugged by the humongous dicks of Nichols and Winters.

This is one Centaur Films “patrol” you won’t want to miss!”

Mountain Patrol SD sr

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