Prague Rising [ International, Condoms, General Hardcore, Anal, Oral ]

Prague Rising [ International, Condoms, General Hardcore, Anal, Oral ]

Studio: Studio 2000
Genre: International, Condoms, General Hardcore, Anal, Oral
Country: USA
Director: Derek Kent
Ales Hanak
Bobby Parks
Eric Stuart
John Eric
Kristian Brooks
Pavel Novotny

As told in a lengthy introductory scene by Eric Stuart to his brother John Eric and to lovebirds Kristian and Bobby, once upon a time "in Eastern Europe", there was a count who would kidnap beautiful young men to suck their cocks dry.

The spell was broken by a pair of Franciscan monks who were indeed lovers,and whose lovemaking in the middle of the night in the count’s castle caused the missing young men to reappear. All except one couple, who were never seen again.

The recovered boys and the monks founded a gay village that eventually went extinct. Then an archeologist got involved, who later moved to California and built the "old" house the video unfolds in.

In a mysterious "locked room", complete with church organ, we soon discover two coffins, which reveal the "adult Czech stars" who are not only brought back to life in their Carpathian (one imagines) folk costumes, but thanks to the various gay sexual shenanigans they first witness then take part in are finally changed in Corbin Fisher ready American collegiate studs.

NB: in the end credits for the cast, Studio 2000 mixed up the IDs of Ales Hanak and Pavel Novotny.

VideoQuality: SD
VideoFormat: MPEG-4
FileExtension: mp4
FileSize: 1.23 GB
Duration: 01:24:02
Resolution: 720×540


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