Schoolmates 6

Schoolmates 6

Studio: BigDikFactory
Genre: smoking, oral, indoor, smooth, gay, twinks
Director: Tobby Ross
Cast: Travis Jacobs, Bobby Cantanaro, Jordan, Heyden Fuller, Zachary Aiden, Dylan Hunter, Brett Collins, Wes Taylor, Seth Michaels, Jacob Sweet, Paul Pratt

Travis Jacobs goes to college and takes sex as a major preoccupation!

His dormmates, Jordan and Bobby Cantanaro, are two horny studs who are too horny to study! They drag Travis into a hot three-way where Jordan and Bobby take turns topping Travis!

Next, Travis takes a walk around the campus with Paul Pratt whom he has a secret crush on. During their walk, he hears about one of the infamous student orgies that take place in the dorms. As the story goes, one of the students woke up during the night and showed himself off to another. Before you know it the whole dorm woke up and everyone joined in, including Zachary Aiden, Wes Taylor, Dylan Hunter, Brent Collins and Heyden Fuller.

On the other side of campus, frat pledge Jacob Sweet is naked and on all fours as he wipes the dorm floor clean as part of his hazing. He does this with his ass pointing toward his pledge master, horny Seth Michaels. Seth mounts Jacob in a spectacular anal attack and gets progressively nasty verbally with Jacob all through the oral and anal action. We get lots of dirty talk here, something you don’t get in many twink videos.

Finally, (yes, there’s more!), Travis fantasizes about tough guy Paul Pratt. They finally get together in an encounter that inspired the subtitle for this scene, "Exploding Hormones." Paul takes Travis in every position imaginable!

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