Hardcore Fetish Series – Sounding #7 – Ramrod, Scene (SD) [Dildos, Oral, Boots, Sounding, Fetish,…

Hardcore Fetish Series – Sounding #7 – Ramrod, Scene (SD) [Dildos, Oral, Boots, Sounding, Fetish, Piercing, Tattoos] Hardcore Fetish Series - Sounding 7 - Ramrod Scene SD pt

Site: FistingCentral.com / FetishForce.com
Genre: Dildos, Oral, Boots, Sounding, Fetish, Piercing, Tattoos
Country: USA
Cast: Element Eclipse, Sebastian Keys

Element Eclipse is an edgy, twisted fetish star. He’s in a medicalroom with Sebastian Keys making out and stroking cocks. Sebastianis a handsome fuck and he gets to the hardcore stuff right awaytaking a foot-long sound down his cock hole as Element plays with hisballs. Element takes an even longer and thicker rod and easilyplunges it deep into the hole of his huge, long cock. Sebastian holdsthe rod so Element can thrust his cock around the sound in long, hardstrokes. They start sword fighting with the rods clanking against eachother, sending vibrations down their shafts. After thoroughly lubing uphis piss canal, Element goes for the grand-daddy of all soundingfeats…he shoves a two-foot long catheter deep, past his prostatewhich conjures a stream of piss to flow out. And just when youthought Element took all the punishment he could take, he hasSebastian lube up a huge black flash light and shove it up his ass withthe catheter securely in place. Element jerks his filled cock whileSebastian fingers his hole, the cries and moans of agony fill the room.He finally jerks his massive cock while he pulls on his balls andSebasitan fucks his mouth until he sprays huge loads of cum ontoElement’s chest.

Hardcore Fetish Series - Sounding 7 - Ramrod Scene SD sr

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VideoFormat: MPEG-4
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