William Higgins – No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 70

William Higgins – No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 70

Media info:
William Higgins – No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 70.mp4
File Size : 6.63 GB
Resolution : 3840×2160
Duration : 01:28:49
Site:William Higgins
Actors:Aron Ros, Lorenc Byro, Oto Useda, Robin Valej, Tomas Berger, Vlado Tomek
Director:William Higgins
Description:Aron Ros and Lorenc Byro are both great looking guys, with excellent bodies. We first see them in the fitness room doing some stretching exercises. Then the guys remove their underwear and continue the exercise regime in the nude. A bit of arm wrestling takes place too before they get ready to start their wrestling match. They each look so good naked with their bodies entwined as the roll all over the mats. Despite his best efforts Aron is finding Lorenc to hard to handle. He really exerts himself in an attempt to win some rounds, but Lorenc moves to a 6-0 lead. Then they take a break from the wrestling to oil each other’s sweaty bodies. Then with the bodies glistening with sweat and oil they go on with the match. Robin Valej and Vlado Tomek are a really hot pair of guys. They came in for a wrestling match. But before the wrestling they are in the fitness room, to warm up. They each do some stretching exercises and then use the bench to lift some weights, taking it in turns to spot each other. After lifting the weights for a while they both remove their underwear and continue with the weights and more exercises. Then it is time to wrestle. They move into the wrestling room, with the underwear back on, and start the match. Rolling all over the mats, and trying to get a good hold on each other it is Vlado who succeeds and gets the first submission. They look so hot as the sexy naked bodies are entwined, rolling around, with asses spreading and cocks flailing. Oto Useda and Tomas Berger as matched in a wrestling bout. They start, in their jock straps, by some warm up exercises. At first they slide all over the oily mats and seem more intent on pulling at the underwear, and slapping ass than getting a good hold. But they do wrestle as well and eventually both are naked, showing off the lovely cocks as well as those sexy asses. With bodies glistening, heavily oiled, they continue the match.

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